The Company and the Group

Pharmathek designs, manufactures and installs robotic storage systems for all types of pharmacy. Born within the Th.Kohl Group, Pharmathek has grown into an undisputed leader thanks to Alexander von Liechtenstein’s passion for robotics and mechatronics and the extensive knowledge of the Italian pharmacy industry acquired by company owners and managers.
Having studied the way a pharmacy works for half a century, Th.Kohl and Pharmathek are able to interpret its complex management dynamics and have supported generation of pharmacy owners with the changes that have taken place in their profession over the years.


Nowadays, the main goal is to provide for a fast return on investment and make sure that profitability improvements are achieved by pharmacies within a few months of the installation of the automated storage system.
To any pharmacist who wants to remodel his/her store in order to evolve as a manager and ensure a higher degree of satisfaction for customers and staff alike, the Th.Kohl Group can provide the ideal solution.


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