Incessant growth

We design your customer relationships

We design and supply high tech solutions for pharmacies and, even more importantly, we promote a culture of innovation, in terms of managing the store, getting across values and products, ensuring the satisfaction of the customers and the members of the work team.
For all the pharmacists who choose our services, we have defined a special training package “23 seconds to create value”. The aim is to help the pharmacist acquire the vision and obtain the work tools necessary to take full advantage of the automated pharmacy. A new model of effective organisation and relationships within the store makes for enhanced customer loyalty and hence greater profitability.



Pharmathek’s report: a key tool for your growth

We support the pharmacist by promoting the growth of his management skills, so that he may continue to take full advantage of the automated storage system and the new organisational modalities that come with it.

At monthly intervals we provide a report on the activities carried out with the robot, together with tips on how to increase inventory management efficiency even further.

A wealth of additional data and suggestions on getting across the value of the different product categories and boosting sales of individual products can be tapped at all times through a simple system query.




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