Service and Profitability

An automated storage system is the lynchpin of the modern pharmacy, the pivotal tool to attain new levels of profitability and customer satisfaction. Numerous studies have shown that the significance of professional advice can be greatly enhanced by eliminating the distance between the customer and the pharmacist and reducing product picking times.


The specialisation areas in the pharmacy have acquired a dignity they were denied in the past, when the pharmacist had to leave the counter repeatedly to fetch the medications. As a result, the value of the average sales receipt will doubtlessly increase.


The rationalisation of internal logistics makes for optimal storeroom management, avoiding the accumulation of stocks and unsold and expired products, which are major cost factors for the pharmacy, thereby releasing resources for new investments and owner remuneration purposes.


An optimised use of space makes it possible to create an environment that engenders positive expectations and affects customer behaviour, giving the pharmacy a valuable opportunity to get across its fields of specialisation and professional expertise most effectively.



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