ADV PTK 2016

Pharmathek’s new advertising campaign will be visible from now until the end of 2016 in the specialized magazines “FarmaMese”, “PuntoEffe” e “Tema Farmacia”.
“Your pharmacy will have” is a heritage and futuristic campaign at the same time: it pictures the intimate moments between a parent and a child, when the bright future of a more functional pharmacy becomes a generational message.





The new campaign is a communication tool to share with the different generations of pharmacists the advantages that Pharmathek provides for. Starting with an optimized stock, continuing with costs reduction, the strengths of an automated pharmacy are uncountable. There will be more space for products display and private counseling, with the obvious outcome of a better turnover and increased cross selling. The work of the pharmacist is to take care of the patients, not to leave them alone while picking products from the drawers. Let’s dedicate the robot to this useless activity, while the health professional performs the added-value tasks. This will lead inevitably to mutual satisfaction of the staff and the patients. And, as we all know, a happy client will never go anywhere else.