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Rapidity: Thanks to its integrated temporary storage system, Euclid3D works “by prescription”, doing away with all the intermediate runs typically associated with a traditional gripper working “row by row”.


Compact design: Euclid3D's capacity to pick a box from a row irrespective of its position results in a new storage method, accommodating more boxes in the same volume of space.


Optimisation: Euclid3D's mobile plate ensures the immediate availability of all packages, whether or not they are first in the row.

funzionamento Working modalities

The gripper picks the boxes (step 1) stored in an organised shelf system and moves them to a plate situated on top of the gripper, as in traditional picking systems.

At this point, Euclid3D retracts the plate situated in the upper part of the gripper (step 2) and drops the chosen packages into a provisional storage compartment (step 3), regardless of their positions in the row, and returns any undesired boxes to the shelf (step 4).



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More products

in a single operation


In more than 9 instances out of 10, the order is filled in a single operation.

The more complex is an order (several products), the more significant is the performance of Euclid3D compared with competitor systems.

The number of runs necessary to fill an order is greatly reduced, up to five times less than with a traditional gripper robot.

This new concept can be adapted to the existing Sintesi robot range, resulting in improved efficiency.