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simple and fast

The operator only has to empty out the basket containing loose products into the hopper and start the automatic loading cycle. The first time they are loaded, the products are measured, identified by means of IMAGER scanners, and then positioned on the internal belt from which they are picked by a robot, at an average throughput rate of 300 packages/h.

The information regarding each product is saved in the database, for use when the same item is introduced again. All operations take place in a continuous flow and do not require any further checks or interventions by the operator.

funzionamento Efficiency and reliability

Pharmaload performs the following tasks automatically:

  • Separates the packages individually
  • Determines package dimensions and enters the information into the database
  • Reads the barcode or the data matrix on any side of a package by means of the IMAGER optical scanner
  • Ticks off the delivery note
  • Rotates the individual products to their ideal loading position
  • Hands over the products to the storage system robot

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software Technology in the service of the pharmacy
Pharmaload increases productivity by automating product loading in the Sintesi robotised storage system. Unlike other solutions, Pharmaload loads high and low turnover products in continuous unmanned cycles.
personalizzazione Performances

Automatic loading:

Up to 300 packages/h


Hopper capacity:

Up to 500 boxes

Up to 2000 additional boxes with Xload

caratteristiche Technical Data
Length: 3220 mm

Depth: 650 mm

Height: 1000 mm



Length: 1450 mm

Depth: 650 mm

Height: 1000 mm


Power supply and consumption:

Voltage: 230 V / 380 V - 50 Hz

Consumption: 1000 VA


Packages handled:

Length: from 30 to 250 mm

Height: from 15 to 150 mm

Depth: from 20 to 150 mm

Max. weight: 1000 g