5 necessita 5 essential requirements of a pharmacy


Rapidity: because optimal time management is a key objective. Time should be used to assist the customer-patient, not to look for/wait for the medications.


Compact design: space within the pharmacy should be reserved for sales and advice; back office functions should take up as little space as possible.


Reliability: serenity depends on reliability, the pharmacy staff must be able to pay undivided attention to their customers-patients.


Ergonomic design: the robot must be able to blend smoothly into the organisation of the pharmacy and must be easy to use.


Competitiveness: all pharmacies need to improve their productivity, have more time to organise new initiatives and boost their profitability.

funzionamento Working modalities

Package loading:

once they have been identified by the system by means of the barcode and have been measured automatically by the 3S system, the packages are placed on the loading belt.


Product positioning:

the robot stores the products by taking into due account their specific features and any settings selected by the pharmacist, so as to optimise space and time, in multipicking mode.


Orders from the sales counter:

by means of the management information system, the pharmacist selects the products required by a customer and transmits the order to Sintesi.


Picking a medication from the storage room:

the order entered by the pharmacist activates the unloading process for the products requested. The robot picks them and delivers them to the pharmacist.


Product delivery to the counter:

product delivery points may be either individual or shared by several operators.


Delivery to the customer-patient:

using the FLEXIPICKING technology, the robot picks one or more packages simultaneously and transfers them from the storage system to the delivery points.


Expiration date management:

starting with the loading stage, Sintesi manages the expiration dates of the medications. At all times, it is able to identify the products that are about to expire and remove them from the storage system.



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Pharmathek robot interfaces with the management information system so as to ensure perfect integration and availability of information on the products in store, their expiration dates and sales.

It verifies product data: box dimensions, turnover (high/low), ID code of the chosen package, position in the storage room, expiration date.
With the OPTILOAD function, based on average daily sales data and average time in store of the products, the operator is automatically let to optimise the inventory.

The integrated Automatic Reporting System (ARS) automatically transmits Sintesi working modality data to our engineers, so as to ensure top-notch technical support.

personalizzazione Personalisation

Sintesi can be personalised in terms of length and height as a function of positioning and capacity requirements.


In its standard versions, its dimensions are:


Standard dimensions:

Length: from 4550 to 5550 mm
Depth: 1430 mm
Height: 2500 mm

Sintesi can be had in a variety of colours and finishes, as required by the customer.


Sintesi is available with:

  • Pharmaload: fully automated loader
  • Euclid3D: manipulator optimised to ensure maximum loading and delivery speed
caratteristiche Technical data


from 300 to 650 kg/m2


Power supply and consumption:

Voltage: 230 V / 380 V - 50 Hz
Absorption: 1600 W
UPS on board: 1500 VA
Average consumption: 350 W/h


Packages handled:

Length: from 30 to 230 mm
Height: from 15 to 150 mm
Depth: from 20 to 150 mm
Max. weight: 1000 gr


Noise measured:

51 dB max