5° edition of the Th.Kohl – Pharmathek Convention

Pharmathek and Th.Kohl, companies operating in the pharmacy’s sector for a long time, aim to procure pharmacists not only automated warehouse and furnishings, but also the knowledge required to better face the challenges of the industry.

For this reason, the companies have organised for the past 5 years a convention, called “Osservatorio” (Observatory in Italian) dedicated to all pharmacists interested in the market’s trends.

The fifth edition of the Osservatorio was focused on the importance of pharmacy’s identity, conveyed with a strategy that includes a multimedia approach.

Speakers of the event were Dr. Gadi Schoenheit, vice president of DoxaPharma with a 30-years-long experience in marketing research in the pharmacy sector, Prof. Luca Pellegrini, Marketing Professor at IULM University of Milan and founder of TradeLab (a company specializing in Marketing Consultancy in the Pharma and Retail sectors) and Mark De Simone, Manager Director of Welcoop, a leading company in the Healthcare sector.

The event took place on November 17th at the “Nobile Collegio Chimico Farmaceutico” in Rome, following which the participants were offered the opportunity to take part to guided tours at the Museum of the “Nobile Collegio”.

The location, the high-level speakers and the exceptional view on the “Fori Imperiali” (a very famous touristic attraction in Rome), are all elements that determined the success of the event.