An interview with Dr. Pomari of Pomari Pharmacy in San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona)

Why did you want to automate your pharmacy?

The choice of having an automated storage area was not random. In recent years we found we had two different types of customers: those who entered the pharmacy with little time and therefore needed to receive the drugs immediately and those who saw the pharmacist as a specialist who would listen, advise and respond appropriately to their requirements and needs. The two scenarios often failed to serve because when spending time with some clients it made it difficult to serve those who had a greater urgency. I decided to find a way that would allow my employees and I to be fast, but also to be able stay at the counter and devote time to building a relationship with the customer who required my time. This is why I chose to have a robot in my pharmacy, so my main objective to give optimal service to my customers and to respect the needs of everyone was guaranteed.

Why did you choose Pharmathek as your partner?

I met Pharmathek during a trade show and immediately understood the professionalism and quality of products and service range. The Pharmathek team were quick to provide the solution I needed. Even after installation of the robot, they trained my employees and supported us in the use of the new automated storage area and they have always responded promptly to our needs.

After you decided to integrate the Synthesis robot with the manipulator Euclid3D, what benefits did you see in your work?

Euclid3D definitely allowed me to improve the speed of delivery of the products. Processing orders became more efficient and allowed me to use the saved time to dedicate myself to advising my clients. Also the work of my employees became more efficient, and they too are able to dedicate their saved time to our clients who have requests for orders and advice. If we are all working well and everything is coordinated, there is a very positive effect on our customer satisfaction and also the proficiency of the team. Euclid3D and the Synthesis robot can only facilitate our work.

How was the relationship with your customers after you began to use the robot in the pharmacy?

After initial reservations, only because we are talking about our customers who were not used to robots delivering orders through an automated storage mechanism, I can now safely say that my customers are completely satisfied because they see that I and my colleagues can pay much more attention to their needs because we can give them more time. I have always tried to work in the interest of my clients, and when I had less time to devote to listening and giving advice to my customers it gave the impression I was not doing my job properly. But now I can do everything with ease and this is inevitably reflected on my customer and employee satisfaction. A satisfied customer means a loyal customer and one that has trust in his pharmacist. This is the most important thing for me.