Great start for the 1° meeting of the Pharmathek User Group

On May 18th the 1° official meeting of the Pharmathek User Group took place successfully.

Officially presented in Rome on November 16th 2017, the Pharmathek User Group (PUG) is a team composed of a limited number of pharmacists who use Pharmathek solutions. Committee that meets periodically to discuss the sector’s trends, the company’s news and the needs of those who work with the robot every day.

With this initiative, Pharmathek aims to create a space in which pharmacy owners and the company can find new ways for improving the automated solutions and the service, satisfying better the needs of contemporary pharmacy.

The 1° official meeting took place in Verona, at the company headquarters. Specifically, in the new showroom, inaugurated for the occasion, in which the PUG had the opportunity to visit the production department, discuss industry trends, preview the innovations of the Research and Development department and access to important insights on the company.

The members of the PUG, composed of pharmacy owners from all over Italy, have shown great interest in the initiative, offering their personal point of view with enthusiasm and decreeing the success of the first meeting of the Pharmathek User Group.

A success that Pharmathek whish to repeat at the next meeting.