Infor.Mate+ a Cosmofarma

During Cosmofarma Exhibition in Bologna from April 15th to April 17th, Th.Kohl and Pharmathek showed to the public their newest products of interior design and automation for pharmacies. Among these, they officially introduced Infor.Mate+, the integrated virtual touch system for the best in-store communication.

Infor.Mate+ is a tool that supports the pharmacists in the building of a strong and continuative relationship with their customers, but it also represents a great and concrete opportunity to inform and promote the pharmacy services.

Its working modalities are very simple, like those of a common touch device, but there are a lot of extra-tasks that can be performed by this system.

Infor.Mate+, as its name evokes, informs the pharmacy customers about all offered products and services, simply showing on the display the information related to the selected product or service. Each product, brand or service is linked to other pages for a further explanation.

At the same time, Infor.Mate+ supports the pharmacists in dealing with their back-office tasks, allowing them to choose which product or service to show on the display, in order to satisfy the different customers’ needs.

Thanks to Infor.Mate+ the pharmacist chooses to either point out the products or emphasize the specializations and additional services offered to the public. For this purpose, each product is also linked to pictures, videos or promotional messages, using a server always connected to the pharmacy management software.

Infor.Mate+ can be placed next to Pharmathek storage systems, allowing the pharmacist to control the robot through this new device and assuring an immediate delivery of the selected products. It can also be placed next to Th.Kohl furniture, becoming an integrated part of it. In this case, Informate+ represents a new way to go “beyond the shelf”: in this the ideal situation, innovation meets tradition and lets the pharmacists get in touch with their customers, using a two-way communication. While the public receives continuous updates about what is offered to them, on the other side, the pharmacist reaches the customers, informs them and promotes single products or a whole line.

Infor.Mate+ is the optimal solution for managing communication and space of the pharmacy, because a single display contains all information regarding all products and services available to the public.

For further information about Informate+ by Th.Kohl and Pharmathek, visit our new website: