Pharmathek: Technology for Hospital Pharmacists

In 2016, Technological Innovation is at the service of the professional culture of Pharmacists: from management culture, service to the continuous improvement of all processes. From internal logistics and storage area management to the enhancement of relationships with the medical and nursing staff, Pharmathek enables the hospital pharmacy to achieve the best operational and managerial potential, enhancing the professional skills of all involved.

We were born to automate any environment

Hospital pharmacies are taking advantage of products that guarantee maximum accuracy and speed of delivery: Sintesi and PTK 410 are the solutions adopted by many hospital pharmacies, in Italy and abroad.
Where there is a desire to modernise, to make the delivery of drugs extremely quick and accurate, and to meet the needs of the “internal customer” of the organisation, Pharmathek automated storage areas Sintesi and PTK 410 provide exactly this. No matter the location of the environment, or the size of the exhibition space, both storage areas are highly adaptable and are able to optimise logistics flows wherever they are installed.

Service and support: Continuous Management Support

Pharmathek provides technical and management assistance along with support from trained personnel, in a continuous and structured way, from professionals specialising in the automated pharmacy management. The efficiency and customer satisfaction are monitored in order to ensure an even better level of service.
It is our job, however, to look much further than this. We will support the pharmacist in the continued growth of their operation and management skills so it is possible to continue to take full advantage of the automated storage area and the improved organisation. We provide a monthly report of the activities carried out by the robot, along with suggestions on how to further increase storage area efficiency and inventory management. Further operational data and information are easily available via a simple query system.