ADI Design Index 2022: the SINTESI robot has been selected!

Pharmathek automation joins the collection of the best Italian industrial design of 2022.

Every year the Association for Industrial Design (in Italian Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, ADI) creates a collection of the best Italian designs put into production, selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory.

Being selected for the ADI Design Index 2022 is a prestigious international recognition that will allow SINTESI to compete for the great ADI Compasso d’Oro award, the most historic and prestigious award in the world of industrial design.

The products are selected according to a distinctive level of innovativeness and originality in the relevant sector, but also according to the production processes and materials used to develop them. Particular attention is paid to those products that take into account environmental sustainability, usability and interaction.

The third generation of the SINTESI robot introduces major innovations in its field and reflects the values promoted by ADI. For this reason, SINTESI has been selected for the 2022 edition.



The robot interface has been completely redesigned to make it similar to that of a tablet, both in appearance and use. This is how GEMINI was born, on a 22″ touch screen, with a dashboard organised in intuitive widgets that can be customised based on the information of interest to the user. This is the first user-customisable, drag-and-drop, mobile interface applied to an automation machine dedicated to the pharmacy channel.

GEMINI also introduces remote accessibility from any authorised device present in the pharmacy (such as smartphones and tablets). This is a very useful feature to ease the pharmacist’s presence in the sales and consultation area. In cases where the stock is far from the sales counter, it is not necessary for the pharmacist to move around to consult statistics or alerts.



Technological innovation

The new generation of SINTESI also introduces performance improvements in terms of speed due to the use of the new STRATEGA algorithm, developed by Pharmathek’s R&D division in collaboration with a leading international research institute.

This particular software innovation, exploits the history of products (loaded and withdrawn) using Big Data logic. The benefit is twofold: improving the positioning of boxes in the robot (e.g. by bringing together products typically delivered in combination) and choosing the most convenient picking route for the order received (based on its composition). Thus, completely invisible to the user, SINTESI delivers products in 20% less time.



In addition to the technological components, the external design of the warehouse was also redesigned. Because in pharmacy and production environments, space is precious, the Pharmathek team worked to make the SINTESI robot even more compact. The new minimalist design is the result of a complete re-engineering of the elements to eliminate protrusions and clutter. The coverings of the front and the most critical areas are made of durable materials with a pleasant tactile and visual feel. An example of this is the Corian® bank positioned under the digital control panel.




The Pharmathek team has always been focused on reducing waste and respecting the environment. Its commitment to sustainability starts from the choice of sustainable production materials to the sustainable packaging of the products.

Wood, glass, aluminium: mainly recyclable (or already recycled) materials are used in the production of the robot. The other materials are mainly metal alloys and mechatronic components.

Even the shipping packaging has been specially selected according to the recyclability criterion (PET, cardboard and reusable pallets). The basic principle, in any case, is to use it as little as possible.

Pharmathek automation brings all these values to the pharmacy, helping pharmacists to simplify stock management procedures and find more time to devote to their patients.

Every SINTESI improvement, even the seemingly smallest one, perfects the quality of the team’s work in the pharmacy“. These words of our president Alexander von Liechtenstein express the motivation that drives us every day to reach an ever-higher level.

We are very happy with what we have achieved – for this amazing goal a thank you goes to each and every member of the Pharmathek team.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any aspect of the SINTESI robot, contact us! We will be happy to share more information with you.