The Pharmacy Show 2022: Pharmathek presents a new app

Once again this year, the Pharmathek team is participating in The Pharmacy Show, the most eagerly awaited event for pharmacists in the UK. The event takes place in Birmingham on 16 and 17 October: the 2022 edition promises to be full of great news.

During the event, entirely dedicated to professionals from the pharmaceutical world, new products and the latest innovations introduced to the market are presented. All this is enhanced by a full programme of seminars and conferences dedicated to current topics in the sector.

The Pharmathek team, together with their partner Avonnex, will welcome visitors to The Pharmacy Show 2022 on stand C50 in Hall 4 and will present a great new product developed especially for the UK market.

The need to prepare therapies for patients with the dosages received from the doctor necessitates the efficient management of open medicine packages. The pharmacist is required to keep up-to-date with the remaining quantities of medicine. Waste and mistakes are easy to make, so we have come up with a solution that helps the pharmacist work in the best possible way, without errors.

In response to this need, the Pharmathek team developed an application that extends the functions of the SINTESI robot by allowing pharmacists to handle loose boxes directly with automation! It allows pharmacists to avoid mistakes.

It is called Split Pack APP and its main function is to tell SINTESI the exact quantities of doses left in the opened packages. How? By processing new labels to be applied to the boxes from which only part of the contents has been taken.


How does Split Pack APP work?

To better understand how this new application works, let’s walk through the steps of a pharmacist while preparing a therapy for a patient with the help of automation:

  • Receipt of prescribed patient therapy
  • Transmission of the request to the SINTESI robot for the necessary medicine boxes
  • Delivery of the boxes from the SINTESI robot
  • Preparation of therapy by taking specific quantities of medication
  • Printing of new labels to be applied on the packs via Split Pack APP
  • (Automatic) loading of the boxes into the SINTESI robot

The new labels developed by Split Pack APP contain, in addition to the updated quantities of the drugs remaining in the package: the internal code used by the pharmacy software, the ‘official’ code that identifies the box, and the code for the active ingredient of the medication (to group different drugs together and respond to requests in which the active ingredient is indicated and not a specific product).



The Pharmathek team is looking forward to showing pharmacists this innovation that will help them speed up and simplify processes in their work through automation.

The company’s R&D department is driven by real market needs in the study and introduction of new innovations. Interviews are often conducted with users of Pharmathek solutions to find out if there are new needs that can be met by automation.

We look forward to seeing you at The Pharmacy Show 2022, on stand C50 in Hall 4, to show you in detail how the Split Pack App integrated with the SINTESI robot works. If you have any questions about automation and how it could benefit your pharmacy, please contact us. We will be happy to share the information you need with you.

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