INST OSPIn 2016, Technological Innovation is at the service of the professional culture of Pharmacists: from management culture, service to the continuous improvement of all processes. From internal logistics and storage area management to the enhancement of relationships with the medical and nursing staff, Pharmathek enables the hospital pharmacy to achieve the best operational and managerial potential, enhancing the professional skills of all involved.


We were born to automate any environment

Hospital pharmacies are taking advantage of products that guarantee maximum accuracy and speed of delivery: Sintesi and PTK 410 are the solutions adopted by many hospital pharmacies, in Italy and abroad.
Where there is a desire to modernise, to make the delivery of drugs extremely quick and accurate, and to meet the needs of the "internal customer" of the organisation, Pharmathek automated storage areas Sintesi and PTK 410 provide exactly this. No matter the location of the environment, or the size of the exhibition space, both storage areas are highly adaptable and are able to optimise logistics flows wherever they are installed.


automatizzare farmacia

Why did you want to automate your pharmacy?

The choice of having an automated storage area was not random. In recent years we found we had two different types of customers: those who entered the pharmacy with little time and therefore needed to receive the drugs immediately and those who saw the pharmacist as a specialist who would listen, advise and respond appropriately to their requirements and needs. The two scenarios often failed to serve because when spending time with some clients it made it difficult to serve those who had a greater urgency. I decided to find a way that would allow my employees and I to be fast, but also to be able stay at the counter and devote time to building a relationship with the customer who required my time. This is why I chose to have a robot in my pharmacy, so my main objective to give optimal service to my customers and to respect the needs of everyone was guaranteed.


Fotomontaggio Scaffale Virtuale 02 CopiaDuring Cosmofarma Exhibition in Bologna from April 15th to April 17th, Th.Kohl and Pharmathek showed to the public their newest products of interior design and automation for pharmacies. Among these, they officially introduced Infor.Mate+, the integrated virtual touch system for the best in-store communication.

Infor.Mate+ is a tool that supports the pharmacists in the building of a strong and continuative relationship with their customers, but it also represents a great and concrete opportunity to inform and promote the pharmacy services.


Its working modalities are very simple, like those of a common touch device, but there are a lot of extra-tasks that can be performed by this system.

Infor.Mate+, as its name evokes, informs the pharmacy customers about all offered products and services, simply showing on the display the information related to the selected product or service. Each product, brand or service is linked to other pages for a further explanation.

At the same time, Infor.Mate+ supports the pharmacists in dealing with their back-office tasks, allowing them to choose which product or service to show on the display, in order to satisfy the different customers’ needs.






Pharmathek is a young company with a global vision. Being founded in 2007 within the Th.Kohl Group, it has reached international recognition throughout the years. Anticipating the technological needs of pharmacists around Europe and the world is the Company’s mission. This is why trade fairs are a great opportunity to devote attention to the newest trends happening both in the pharmaceutical and the technology industries.




ADV PTK 2016

Pharmathek’s new advertising campaign will be visible from now until the end of 2016 in the specialized magazines “FarmaMese”, “PuntoEffe” e “Tema Farmacia”.
“Your pharmacy will have” is a heritage and futuristic campaign at the same time: it pictures the intimate moments between a parent and a child, when the bright future of a more functional pharmacy becomes a generational message.